DIEGOS® ivory herringbone espadrilles

FOR MEN: https://eu.diegos.com/collections/mens-herringbone-espadrilles

FOR WOMEN: https://eu.diegos.com/collections/low-wedge-lucia-espadrilles

Features: There are only a few styles that are considered classic traditional espadrilles for men and women: the classic espadrille and the herringbone espadrille. This timeless espadrille is very comfortable and made with strong herringbone cotton canvas.

Materials: The flat soles of the espadrilles are made of jute thread and recycled textile fibers from Barcelona. The organic herringbone cotton canvas is weaved in Valencia, Spain.

Origin & authenticity: We cannot stress this enough: DIEGOS® espadrilles are entirely handcrafted and hand stitched in La Rioja, Northern Spain.

History: Did you know? The herringbone geometrical pattern dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. The Romans used this exact pattern to build their roads. The herringbone style espadrille has been around for well over 70 years. The style is similar to the iconic French design called Charentaise.

Trivia: In France, this espadrille style is called Charantaise.